They're intelligent. They're good looking. They're adventurous. And, get ready for this, they're not married! These Missoula bachelors are the ones locals are undoubtedly lining up to meet.

As stated before, we're defining bachelors as anyone who is not currently married. Sure, some may cry foul because they may be dating someone, but still! The most eligible part has been determined solely by how many times they were nominated by our readers. That means there is still time to put a ring on them!

Taylor Selig

Taylor received quite a few nominations in our poll. A clearly in shape and healthy local who spends much of his time at Gold's Gym, partially due to the fact that he's an ACSM certified personal trainer and enjoys a competitive environment.

Justin Manzer

If you love a man who is never boring, lives on the edge AND operates the most well-known bars in downtown Missoula, you should really get to know Justin. We personally know this man from our adventures at both Bodega and Monks over the years and we can attest to the fact that he's an all around fun guy.

Marcus Rosser

We are genuinely excited to see that Marcus made the list of most eligible bachelors in Missoula. We've known Marcus for some time because of his effort on and off the basketball court. This warm-hearted and soft spoken local is best known as a former Griz basketball player and a coach for the Missoula Special Olympics basketball team. You can learn more about Marcus from our interview with him last year.

Jeff Engel

Athletic, great job, knows his way around a kitchen... who wouldn't want a piece of this doctor's sweet, sweet lovin? With a bachelor pad that overlooks the Missoula valley, a sunset and glass of wine with Dr. Jeff is just what the doctor ordered. Need someone with flexibility? This guys is a yogi, with a crossfit dark side. Ladies, line up: this guy is one of Missoula's most eligible bachelors.

Christian Jackson

Another man we know quite well here at Zoo FM. Best known for his breakout performances as a DJ for numerous electronic events in and around the state, Christian is one guy to not only watch in 2014 as his career is set to explode, but also a guy someone might want to pin down real quick. Learn more about Christian in our recent interview with him.

Kevin Charles Ekhardt

 (Honorable Mention)

Face it. Anyone who sends us this photo nominating themselves as the most eligible bachelor in Missoula deserves a moment in the spotlight. This self portrait is just a sight to be seen...

Update: voting has now closed.
And now, we open up voting to you! There’s a sweet prize package involved with a massage for the Bachelor (or a couples massage if the Bachelorette wants in) courtesy of Missoula Massage. The Bachelorette will get the model treatment she deserves with a photoshoot from Dostal Photography.