They're smoking hot. They've got brains. They have a wild side. And, you might want to sit down for this...they're unattached! These Missoula bachelorettes are the ones most men would love to introduce to their parents.

As we recently mentioned, we're defining bachelorettes as anyone who is not currently married. The most eligible part has been determined solely by how many times they were nominated by our readers. So, what you're saying is...we may still have a shot with these women?!? 

Julie Brown

Best user submitted comment (s): "Julie Brown is one woman that should be on everyone’s radar. Julie is studying law at the University of Montana. Despite living in Missoula, Julie has not forgotten her small town roots. Unlike most females in Missoula, Julie is not afraid to embrace farm life, cowboy boots, beer, and especially her cherished weekend activity of playing the washboard. However, most the time, you would never know that Julie is a small town girl. Julie can also pull off ANY look/style she attempts…and just for warning sake to all, Julie has a boot collection that will only keep you continually guessing and praying to the snow gods that winter will stay around just a little bit longer. In addition to washboard playing, Julie is extremely athletic. You can always count on Julie holding the most kills on any of her volleyball teams, while she is also not afraid to bring out the baby hook on the bball court or two-foot tackle someone on the soccer field. Outside Julie’s breathtaking looks, intelligence, athletic ability, and her reserved and soft-spoken nature, she is one of the most sincere people I know. Keep all your boyfriends/husbands/potentials locked away because once Julie is on the Missoula radar, it won’t be long before those men in your life are gone."

Reannon Crider

Best user submitted comment (s): "This girl is smoking hot, and really nice. On the downside she is a Viking fan and a daddy's girl (high maintenance)."

Kayla Hayden

Best user submitted comment (s): "Kayla is such a beautiful girl and has such a fun, outgoing personality! She also has a very caring and loving nature about her. Kayla is one of my best friends and I know she can make any guy fall head over heals for her! I vote Kayla Hayden for #1 most eligible bachelorette of Missoula!   Kayla is everything a good man deserves. She has a heart bigger than the moon, eyes bigger than the sun a personality to match. She is so beautiful on inside and out. She is friendly to everyone, smart and always motivated. Any man would be lucky to have a woman like her in his life. Kayla is one of the most gorgeous people I know both inside and out. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she has so much else going for her - she's loyal, smart, and has the kindest heart. Any guy would be more than lucky to even get a chance to go on a date with her!"

Andrea Johnson

Best user submitted comment (s): "University of Montana graduate and active boxfit enthusiast, with an outgoing personality, and attractive derriere. Andrea can be found at the gym, or hiking up Blue Mountain with her dog Sasha, or relaxing on her balcony watching the sunset over the river. Her funny laid back personality will leave your stomach contracting and your mouth stretching from ear to ear."

Whitney Jarosch

Best user submitted comment (s): "Whitney is an amazing mommy and a rockin' full-time student. She works hard for the money at her part time job and coaches girls cheer-leading! AND she still manages to pull off being a complete hottie!!! This woman has more motivation and spunk than anyone I have ever met! She always has a smile on her face and can brighten anyone's day."