Kanye West's "Famous" was the most talked-about track on The Life of Pablo almost from the moment the album dropped. With it's Taylor Swift and Ray J name-drops and the arrogance-as-only-Kanye-can-do-it hook, the song was instantly controversial, so when it was released as the official lead single from the album in late March, it made perfect sense.

There is no "official" video for the track as of yet, but comedians Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim shot a goofy homemade video for the song.

The video looks as though it was shot on an iPhone, and features the two funnymen, who frequently collaborate and currently co-star on Ansari's Netflix show Master of None, traipsing around, drinking wine, eating pasta and desserts, posing ridiculously for the camera and dancing near the ocean.

It's funnier than it sounds. Really.

No reaction yet from Kanye--but it's hard to imagine he'd take any offense to this. As (ahem) sensitive as he can sometimes be, a song that already comes with a wink and a nod deserves a video this irreverent and flat-out odd. Ye should be able to appreciate that.

Plus, him and Aziz are buddies.

Check out the video above.