It will be two nights of incredible country music in Missoula next week as 94.9 KYSS FM welcomes Luke Bryan, Little Big Town and Dustin Lynch to the Adams Center! These shows are going to be so much fun but there are things you can do to make sure they are unforgettable. Think of these tips like setting yourself up for success.


  • 1

    Buy Earplugs

    Even if you never need them, you don't want your ears ringing for 2 days after the show.
  • 2

    Wear Comfy Clothes

    The Adams Center is going to get warm, wear clothes that you are comfortable in.
  • 3

    Make a sign or t-shirt

    It will help you get even more excited for the show, plus easier to be seen in pictures (Remember 94.9 KYSS FM on signs & t-shirts).
  • 4

    Bring Cash

    Avoid paying the ATM fee when buying a tour t-shirt, just bring cash.
  • 5

    Set up transportation early

    Especially if you are going to be drinking, have a ride set up in advance. And maybe even take the next day off.
  • 6

    Charge Your Phone

    Just in case you lose your friends, or for contacting your ride home.
  • 7

    Eat & Drink before the concert

    You don't want to become dehydrated, make sure you eat and drink lots of water before the show.
  • 8

    Arrive Early

    If you want to be up front arrive early, and expect people to crowd around you.

    Dierks Backstage at the Adams Center