Dear Missoula area students, faculty members, and principals,

107.5 Zoo FM so very much wants to be a part of your next pep rally or all school function.

We are on a mission to let everyone in Missoula know about a deadly epidemic that is sweeping our state. It's texting and driving. Not a month goes by where we don't hear about a car crash in the state that could have easily been avoided if the phone was left in their purse or passenger seat. We want to raise awareness and help save lives by issuing nearly 8,000 “TXTING KILLS” thumb bands to area residents, because we all live and raise our families here..and we are all affected. It’s a simple message on a small silicone band with a purpose of sending a clear message: “Texting While Driving Can Cost You Your Life”

Our presentation won't take long. In fact, it can easily be made part of an existing rally that you already have scheduled. We will make it fun and interactive and we certainly won't bore you with statistics and drawn out speeches. In fact, here's the video that we intend to show at the event. Mind you, the images are very shocking and might scare anyone straight. However, it does send the clearest message possible and it needs to seen:

If you are reading this and are thinking that perhaps your school would like to be a part it but perhaps aren't in the position to make the decision then please forward this article off to someone in the school who has the authority to organize this brief presentation.

Please contact our General Manager, Shawna Batt at (406) 728-9300 or email to set up a time for us to present this to your school.