This is what Shanon Tripp from Loyola H.S. had to say about our visit. 

"Thanks to all of you at Townsquare! I've heard nothing but good things from the teachers, parents and students on how great the presentation was!"

 Thanks to Loyola for being one of the first schools to get on board with our campaign. Help us spread the word.

We get it. You want to text all your friends to see what’s up. That's cool. But when you text behind the wheel, you're not just putting your own life at risk, you're endangering the people on the street, the people in your car and maybe that person you’re actually texting…

Wearing the TEXTING KILLS thumb band will remind you every time you reach for your phone that if you're behind the wheel, it's a dumb idea! It's that simple.

Invite us to attend your H.S. or business.

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