It's tradition that every Christmas Eve my mom's side of the family gets together at our grandparents house in Yorba Linda! This year was no different!

I'm really close with all my cousins and their significant others so we always have a total blast when we get together! We helped our beautiful grandma make homemade rolls and homemade Polish pierogis. I may or may not have eaten my body weight in both!

My grandparents are the cutest couple on planet earth! They've been married for about a million years and I've never seen two people more in love with each other than these two! My adopted cousin Jamie made the observation that at one point during dinner my grandparents were caught up in their own special moment. We were all laughing and caught up in our own individual conversations but there they were, smiling and laughing and being totally in love. Cue Ed Sheeran singing Thinking Out Loud...

My grandparents give us so much hope in the idea that true love exists. We see it every time our grandma and grandpa are together. Personally, I look forward to the day when I can rock matching sweat outfits with my best buddy too!

Nicole Wren TSM