In typical California fashion, we had a sunny and beautiful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I'm talkin' sunny skies with the temperature hovering in the high 50's.

To Missoulian's that may seem really warm, but to Californian's that means layers on layers on layers! Haha

Going home for the holidays was so special and fun this year. There wasn't one major thing that made it special, it was more like a lot of little things added together.

My entire family made it home for the holidays this year which made my mom so unbelievably happy. We got together with both sides of the family and the parties were beyond fun. Everyone is so busy all the time so it's hard for us to get together and catch up on a regular occasion. So Christmas is the time we make up for that!

I love finding out what my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are up to. This year was even more special than most because my 3 year old twin cousins, Jack and Molly, really understood who Santa Claus is and what he does for a living. You better believe that they told me in detail all about Santa visiting their house and bringing them lots of beautiful presents! Click HERE to see them totally rocking out on the DJ set my brother Sean bought them!

Even though I didn't get to spend as much time with my family as I would have liked, the time I had was priceless. It has rejuvenated me and I feel so ready to take on 2017! There really is no place like home...

Nicole Wren TSM