What word does Missoula County use to describe their carbonated beverages? Today, we serve up the sugary sweet facts. 

Fact is, there's actually three ‘soft drink’ synonyms in America: Soda originated in New England and Northeast, pop came out of the Midwest stretching along through to the Pacific Northwest; and ‘coke‘ in the South American states. But what about Missoula specifically?

Well, thanks to the detailed research and visual mapping by The Pop vs. Soda Page we now know exactly who says what and where.

Photo courtesy of Pop vs. Soda

In Missoula County:

Pop 104 (66%)

Soda 41 (26%)

Coke 3 (2%)

Other 9 (6%)

There you go! Where are you from? What word do you use to describe soft drinks? Sound off in the comments below.

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