We want to hear your feedback, input and personal stories about bullying in Missoula area classrooms...

Most students and faculty in Montana agree that picking on classmates, belittling peers and violence is an epidemic that is much larger than drug use, alcohol abuse and even texting while driving.

Please share your personal stories in the comment section below. DO NOT SHARE NAMES other than you own. I ask that you also remain truthful and state the facts so that false rumors do not spread. The purpose of this is to raise awareness and to get a gauge on how bad this issue truly is in our local schools, not to accuse or stir up anymore unnecessary drama.

Zoo FM is currently committed to spreading the TXTNG KILLS message in area schools, but many have come to us after these assemblies and presented this growing issue believing that perhaps we could make an even stronger impact with a message of anti-bullying. We are truly considering embarking on a campaign like this for schools once the texting message is successfully delivered. But for now we just want your feedback and/or input..

-What happened to you in school?

-How did it affect you?

-Do you know someone who is constantly being bullied in class? (Again, no names please. Just instances.)

-What does your school do to protect students from bullying?

-How can we help get the message out and make the strongest impact?

If you would like to remain anonymous, then please email me and I'll make sure to share your story with confidentiality.