Have you seen these videos from tweens? At school they are told they are ugly and they made fun of. Now they are turning to the internet, asking random strangers their opinion whether or not they're beautiful.

This is alarming!

My heart welled as I went from one YouTube video to the next of pre-teen girls asking everyone on the world wide web if there were pretty or ugly? Saying things like, "Just tell me the truth! I won't get mad."

This is so saddening… That these young girls, still emotionally developing, are asking random people if their physical beauty is up to some ridiculous ‘standard’ that 'we' set!

Have you ever thought someone was drop dead gorgeous, then you met them and they had a horrible personality, thus making them less attractive? And vice versa…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. NO ONE has the right to tell anyone else they are ugly!

There are two girls I graduated college with that saw this as a problem years ago and since have been traveling around the country with The Kind Campaign.Check it out. I'm sure you will be able to relate to their videos and their message