Everyone has something that annoys them about their work, whether it is a coworker eating something disgusting, no parking available, or your boss is a jerk. Just understand you are not alone. In fact a new survey was just released by Cadbury Dairy Milk stating that 25% of all workers biggest pet peeve is having their food stolen from the office fridge. I can honestly say I haven't had any food stolen because I don't put food in the office refridgerator, I have heard too many horror stories about it.

Other findings within the study revealed:

- 25% of people say stinky food in the microwave is their biggest office pet peeve

- 33% of people 'bite their tongue' when coworkers eat stinky food

- 29% of people say coworkers, who chew loudly bother them

- 31% of employees can't stand people talking with their mouth full

- 72% of people say 'Any plans for the weekend?' is the most overheard phrase in workplace

I will admit I am always asking coworkers what they are doing over the weekend, I just like to think about life outside of work a lot! What are some of your biggest pet peeves in the work place?