This year, the Summer Olympics will be held in London and many are planning to venture across the pond to enjoy the party. Even though we speak the same language (that's English for those who didn't finish school), there are some big differences in British slang and American slang. So, for those of you planning to fly to the UK for the Summer Olympics, I give you my guide to Hooking Up Across the Pond with a little help from the blimey bastards at Yahoo Shine:

  • First up is the term "snog" -- Similar to smushing on Jersey Shore or just plain old making out where I'm from.
  • ...but you wouldn't want to snog someone you don't "fancy" -- You've heard Adele use this term a hundred times and wanted to punch her in the face, now you can be like Adele and fancy her lame-ass songs ... or even fancy a boy!
  • Be sure you don't fancy someone with your beer goggles on or you'll wake up next to someone that's not "fit" (tidy is another variation) meaning hot (or hawt if you're a douche like Paris Hilton). In context: "I wish Adele was tidy, I'd fancy a snog with her."
  • So far so good! You've found the partner you fancy, now it's time to take those clothes off and get busy or as they say in that neck of the woods, "get your kit off." At which point you're "starkers" (naked). In context: "As soon as we got to her place she said, 'get your kit off' and there I was starkers!"
  • Finally, a term many already use here in the US "pull" as in to hook up. You've probably said it before. Your friend says, "I hooked up with Rihanna in London!" You say, "Nice pull!"

You're welcome!