I will be the first to admit I am frugal with my money. I just think that if I work so hard to earn that money I shouldn't blow it on things that are on sale just because they are on sale. Although I have to admit being frugal has sometimes cost me money in the long run. When you want to buy something from the dollar store often times it doesn't work as well as the brand name product I could have bought from the big box store. So for all frugal people like myself I have created a list of five items that you should not be cheap when you are buying:

A Bed - Buying a bed certainly isn't a sexy purchase but think about how much time you spend on your bed. It truly can be the difference between waking up tired every morning.

Camping Tent - Luckily I had a friend tell me this lesson. My buddy bought a huge tent that was drastically marked down and after using it twice there were multiple holes in it. Unless you like camping with rain dripping down on you, avoid cheap camping tents.

Paint - As a first time homeowner, I learned this the hard way. When you buy cheap products for your home, they can quickly make your house look cheap. Learn this valuable lesson from me.

Electronics (on Black Friday) - This doesn't go for all items, but if you find a tablet on Black Friday for $29, don't assume that will be working in one year.

BBQ Grill - You will look like an amateur behind your grill if you get a cheap one. Often times the one on clearance creates hot spots on your grill, so some burgers will be rare when others are well done.

Anything you can think of that I left off this list?