There are so many delicious food trucks in Missoula, it's difficult to only choose five. It seems as though the last few years has really brought quite a few more choices. To be honest those food trucks are a huge draw as to why people are always trying to make it to Caras Park for 'Out to Lunch' and 'Downtown Tonight' throughout the summertime. OK, enough about all the different choices and how delicious they are, here are my Top 5 Food Trucks in Missoula!


  • 1

    Lil' Orbits Donuts!

    Those little donuts are like heaven!
    Photo courtesy of Marcy Fisher
  • 2


    The best tasting Indian food, period!
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  • 3

    Sa Wad Dee

    I love the different Thai flavors!
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  • 4

    Polka Dot Patties

    If you're looking for a burger and fries, this is your spot!
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  • 5

    Clove Cart Pizza

    The pizza oven looks cool, and makes great pies!
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