I started seeing DJ Kris Moon's name pop up on fliers all over the downtown Missoula around two years ago. At the time there might have been about 5 or 6 professional DJ's mixing in the area. Names like Chunkiye and myself were probably the more familiar of faces behind the decks. So to see a new DJ being introduced to our scene was a very welcome and refreshing addition. But see, turntables may have just been the only thing us local mixers had in common with this Seattle native...

Kris has proven to be in a catagory all his own. As you will notice in the answers to our questions below, this DJ doesn't "pigeon hole" himself to one particular genre. This kid is everywhere. One minute it's Fatman Scoop and Flo Rida, the next it's the hardest of dubstep and house music. And yet, he makes it work in a seamless fashion. And Missoula loves him for it. Here now, are 20 questions with the infamous DJ Kris Moon.

So, Kris, What is your favorite song from the past 5 years?

Oh boy. This might be the hardest question on here...basically anything that Switch touches.

When did you start djing?


What kind of equipment do you work with?

A pair of Technics 1200's, Rane TTM56 + Serato

Where do you spin usually?

Every Saturday at the Badlander from 11-close

What was your favorite local party in the last year?

Disco Bloodbath Halloween party

What does Missoula offer that keeps you here?

The chance to play for the crowd without being pigeon holed into a specific genre.

Who is your favorite DJ?

Speedy J

What are your music predictions?

We will see the biggest changes not in the music, but the way we as performers interact with it via technology.

Vinyl or CD?


Old School or New School?


Favorite Lyrics?

I like the new Rihanna "What's My Name" (ft. Drake)

One thing you would change about the current local music scene?

I wouldn't change a thing, it's just great to be a part of it.

Most people you ever played in front of?


First feeling of being starstruck?

Playing with Donald Glaude, my inspiration to DJ.

(editors note: Mine too! This particular DJ is who inspired me to start mixing as well)

Hip Hop or Techno?

I enjoy _____ drinks during each performance.

Pale Ales

Buy this kid a round and put it on my tab. I'm honored to be mixing alongside DJ Kris Moon on April 14th as we team up for the first time with a 2x4 turntable mix session at The Palace.