With over 2,400 bookings scribbled all over his calender, the main music promoter for the Badlander and The Palace has moved on to pursue future endeavors including the continuous upkeep of his highly successful local website Missoulaevents.net along with a smattering of local downtown happenings.

Colin Hickey is arguably best known for his resident DJ time slot on Absolutely Saturdays at the Badlander alongside DJ Kris Moon, where he will still be heard spinning his flavor of flashbacks mixed with current EDM tracks. Hickey will continue to work side-by-side with the Missoula Downtown Association to ensure that our town will be recognized for it's thriving community and vast opportunities for tourists and potential businesses.

According to his recent Facebook post:

Well it’s been a pretty crazy five years but all good things must come to an end. I put my notice in today at the Badlander/Palace. My last day will be in July. Thanks to Bobo, Henry, Scott, and Mark for letting me book their clubs for these many years. I moved to Missoula in 2000 because I wanted to be a music promoter. 13 years later I’ve booked 2,406 shows(yes I counted). I’d like to think that is a local record. Maybe Tom Webster has me beat but he also has a couple decades on me. There were more than a handful of good shows sprinkled in there I hope. I got to help some local bands play with great touring acts, helped some young promoters book their first shows, gave some DJs a place to play when there was none, and gave a lot of bands their first show. I’m going to invest my new “spare time” into my companies. MissoulaEvents.Net has some very exciting stuff happening in the next six months including a redesign and two new products. I’ll still be DJing every Saturday at the Badlander with Kris Moonand I’m sure I’ll promote a show here and there. AlsoI’ll still work at the MDA 40hrs a week. Besides that I’m going to cross music promoter off my bucket list. Thanks to everyone who came to all the shows.

A proud father, incredibly personal and downright funny social media aficionado, andmain staple in the Missoula community, Hickey may be moving on from booking for the Badlander complex (his last day will be in July)but he still intends to be a major influence in our thriving downtown scene. And that is a good thing. It would be hard to imagine what our city would be like without him...

We here at 107.5 Zoo FM have nothing but love and admiration for this incredibly impressive Missoulian, and we wish him all the best.

One last thing....Hickey for Mayor. That is all.