You may recall the story of Austin from a few weeks back. Austin lost his best friend, Alex due to a sudden drowning accident in Missoula last summer.

Before Alex's passing the young Missoula boy wanted to cover his entire bedroom wall with Mountain Dew cans, in honor of his all-time favorite beverage. He almost reached the ceiling and unfortunately is no longer around to see to the finishing of his project. Austin recently reached out to DJ Aaron Traylor asking for his help to complete the Mountain Dew wall in honor of his lost friend.

Without hesitation, Aaron went to work by reaching out to anyone he knew and finally ended up getting in touch with the President of our local Pepsi Bottling group to ask a favor. The next thing you know, Austin's truck was loaded up with over 600 full cans of Mountain Dew!

Following what was sure to be a few long nights and many sugar high crashes, Alex's wall is now complete and sits proudly on top of his dresser in his old room for his friends and family to admire. "We all know Alex is up there smiling down on us and I couldn't thank you more." said Austin in a recent Facebook post.

Austin, we believe all the thanks goes to you. What you have done in honor of your friends memory surely will not be forgotten, and we know that Alex is so very proud of your accomplishments. You could have simply moved on with your life mourning his loss, yet you chose to celebrate his life instead by completing some of his unfinished business with a very heart felt memorial that will live on forever. Nice work! Way to Do the Dew.