Are you prepared for the impending "Zombpacalypse"? Wait, you didn't hear about this?? Step your news game up, Missoula!

The Center For Disease Control And Prevention has just issued a statement preparing our nation for a brain chewing disaster that may soon end up in our own backyard. Megan Coyote, founder of Z.O.M.B.I.E. Prep is more than prepared, and now she's ready to share her survival skills at her upcoming Preparedness Training seminar.

Come get prepared for the Zombpocalypse (or any other impending disasters) at the first 2-day Z.O.M.B.I.E. Prep training.

According to the Facebook event page:

Saturday, July 23 at 10:00am - July 24 at 6:00pm

Old Pattee Canyon Schoolhouse 

4980 Pattee Canyon Rd.
Missoula, MT

The weekend will be broken into three primary sections; Medical skills, Battle skills and Infrastructural skills. In addition to 12 hours of instruction there will be 3-hours of live action Zombpocalypse scenarios for you to practice what you've learned.

-The Medical skills section is based on wilderness protocols preparing you to care for people without established medical systems such as 911 to call.
-The Battle skills section will include hand to hand combat, rolls, basic weapon use, establishing defense systems, and tactical analysis with an emphases on guerilla warfare.
-The Infrastructural skills section is based in permaculture and ninja-nuity, teaching you how to sustain your zombie free hold-outs without the convenience of modern city systems like plumbing and supermarkets.
(A more detailed outline of the material we cover will be posted by the 1st of July.)

It costs $40-100 sliding scale for the weekend of training including lunches. We are also offering work-trade scholarships which you can request with your registration.

There are only room for 20 registrants and it's first come, first serve so get your registration form in ASAP.

The training site is approx. a 20min commute from the U of M campus and there is also ample camping available on-site.

**If you need any additional information contact Megan Coyote at 406.544.2767 or**

There is ample same for camping at the training site in beautiful Pattee Canyon. While there is no running water on the property outhouses will be available to you with hand wash systems.

$5/night for a tent spot.
$5/person/meal for breakfast and dinner.

For even more information visit Megan's official website

Saturday, July 23 at 10:00am - July 24 at 6:00pm

Old Pattee Canyon Schoolhouse 

4980 Pattee Canyon Rd.
Missoula, MT