Imagine taking your love for cooking and it somehow landing you a role on television's #1 hit drama. That is exactly what happened to "Yellowstone's" chef Gabriel Guilbeau a.k.a "Gator." This man comes from a long line of southern cooks. With a passion for Cajun food. He is also in charge of craft services on the set of "Yellowstone."

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It is "Gator's" job to feed not only the cast of the hit show but also the entire crew. That is a lot of hungry mouths.

Gator's father used to do craft services for lots of different shows and movies in Los Angeles. But, his love for cooking goes traces all the way back to his Grandmother. As Gator says "If someone found out you ate in her kitchen, they were jealous." But, his passion for cooking soon led him to follow in his father's footsteps working craft services for movies.

Credit: Paramount Network via YouTube

Taylor Sheridan, creator of "Yellowstone," decided to incorporate Gator into the show. Making him a reoccurring character as the Dutton family's personnel chef. Taylor thinks it is funny when Gator serves the Duttons fancy food while they would rather just eat steak and potatoes.

Credit: Paramount Network via YouTube

Gator says he is "old school. I like salt and pepper and fresh chilis." That's it when it comes to seasoning his food. That and butter. Lots and LOTS of butter.

Watch as Gator uses his fancy smoker to perfectly cook fifteen 25 pound turkeys. You can only imagine how Thanksgiving would look like on the Dutton Ranch.

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