Visitation numbers for Yellowstone National Park continues to increase compared to last year’s. Public Affairs Specialist Morgan Warthin says 2015 was a record breaking year, but that 2016 may surpass it.

“2015 I think will always be remembered especially for employees that there were 4 million visitors that came to the park,” said Warthin. “This year we are quickly approaching that number of visits. The total visits for 2016 to date are 3,970,778.”

Warthin described this year’s numbers as “extraordinary” and says the park is currently gathering information about how the park can best serve the growing number of users.

“We are comprehensively looking at what visitation means, who are our visitors, where are they coming from, what are their expectations and what are their values,” Warthin said. “Once they get here, what do they want to experience? Those are the kind of questions we are gathering information about now.”

Yellowstone Park is only about 30,000 visitors away from surpassing 2015’s visitation record and will likely beat that number this October.