Growing up in Wyoming, the son of a Game and Fish Commissioner, caviar wasn't exactly a perfect compliment to the antelope steak that we ate for dinner four nights out of the week. In fact, the thought of eating "salmon roe" makes me a bit sick at my stomach... I mean, these are the exact same neon-orange pearls that we used to string on the end of a hook while fishing for rainbow trout at Alcova Reservoir.

Balls O Fire Salmon Egg Fish Bait (Photo: Pautzke Bait Co.)

It wasn't until I was in high school that I ever actually tried caviar. While at a formal reception, I picked up what I thought to be a small cookie with a dollop of frosting on top. Suffice to say, by the time my "cookie" made its way to my taste buds, there was no turning back. You know that moment when you take a drink of root beer, only to realize that it is actually Coke? Now imagine that multiplied by a factor of 100. Yuck!

This brings us to the gourmet pizza available from Nino's Belissima in Manhattan. For $1000 you get a standard thin crust pie topped with crème fraîche, chives, six types of caviar (including those yummy salmon eggs), and lobster. Yum? By the way, from what I understand, this is the most expensive pizza in the world.

I think I could probably handle lobster on a pizza - I'm not a savage after all. The rest of it? No thanks. Like Jared in the video below, I'm a pepperoni man at heart.

Bottom line, I have have no intention of eating a single raw fish egg ever again, let alone drop $1,000 on a pizza covered in caviar.

How about you?

See the $1000 caviar pizza + more weird pizzas:

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