Splash Montana will take part in a world-wide effort to prevent drowning by participating in the World's Largest Swim Lesson on Friday, June 20.

Aquatics Program Coordinator with Splash Montana, Chelsea Beckwith said all the lessons will take place at the same time around the world..

"Splash Montana is joining with swimming facilities worldwide to break the record for the world's largest swim lesson," Beckwith said. "All these facilities will be holding their lesson at exactly the same time. Here in Missoula, we'll be starting at 9 a.m. and we'll all have the same lesson plan."

Beckwith said thousands of beginning swimmers will take part in the event.

"The largest facility has about a thousand kids, and here in Missoula we're hoping to have about 100 kids take part," she said. "During the lesson, we'll all go over some basic safety techniques like floating. The idea is to promote water safety and how important it is to learn how to swim."

Beckwith said the $5 cost brings some extra benefits for those who participate.

"Your $5 gets you a half hour lesson, you'll help set the world record, and it also gets you admission for the day to Splash Montana, plus you get two hours of swimming before everybody else is let in," she said. "All ages are welcome from preschool to adult, and infants are welcome with their moms and dads."

Get more details by calling Splash Montana at 542-9283 or at Currents, located at McCormick Park at 721-PARK.

Aquatics Program Coordinator with Splash Montana, Chelsea Beckwith