Do you work at the Reserve Street Taco Bell or maybe you shopped at the North Reserve Super Walmart on Wednesday? If so, somebody may have the hots for you in this week's Missed Connections on CraigsList.

Do you have freckles and work the Taco Bell "DT?"

3/11 You were working the DT today over the lunch hour and took my order and greeted me at the window. We exchanged several smiles and words that left me curious and wanting more. You are tall, have freckles, and are very nice. I would love to chat with you! If you see this, send me a message with something maybe I had or what I was wearing or driving. Heck, you could even tell me your name as I glanced at your tag and my receipt. :-)

Perhaps you're broad, good with meat and work in Stevi.

3/12 I just have to know if you are single. You are tall, broad, dark hair, work in the meat department I think? Today you were. I've seen you a couple times but I find it harder to walk away without looking back :)

Or maybe you were shopping at Walmart on Wednesday around 5:30 p.m. and caught the attention of this 26-year-old booze hound.

3/10 So I feel REALLY WEIRD about doing this! But these things don't usually happen to me, so I figure I might as well take the chance, regardless of how ridiculous I feel right now....
Anyway, we passed by each other in the N. Reserve walmart yesterday, probably around 5:30 pm ish (you were headed in the direction of the produce/checkout area, I was headed towards the booze! Haha), and you smiled at me. I totally meant to smile back! But it happened so quickly and kind of caught me off-guard. This sounds pretty juvenile and trivial, I smile at people all the time just to be friendly, but this felt different...? Maybe? It did to me at least, and I thought you were cute and would love to get a drink or something sometime. So if by the VERY small chance you see this and have any idea who this might be, please message me back with any distinguishing features you might remember about me so I know it's you.