At around midnight on Monday, June 10, an adult woman was driving near the intersection of Shakespeare and Sherwood streets in Missoula when her vehicle ran out of gas. What happened next has become the subject of a police investigation.

"As she was working on her vehicle, two young male adults approached her," said  Missoula Police Sgt. Scott Pastian. "She initially thought they were going to help her, but instead, one male grabbed a hold of her arm and threw her up against the car and she fell to the ground. The male then took her wallet out of the car and removed some cash. Both males fled on foot southbound on Shakespeare Street."

During the attack, the woman was able to take mental notes of her attacker's appearance.

She described the first suspect as between the ages of 18 and 25, approximately six feet tall, Caucasian and skinny. He was wearing a bright green sweater, a blue baseball cap, and had a goatee.

The second suspect was also between 18 - 25 years old, six feet tall and Caucasian. He was clean shaven, and wore a black baseball cap with the letters "NC" in white. He was also wearing a blue or black hoodie.

The woman suffered minor injuries from the assault. Anyone with any information about the thieves is advised to call the Missoula police department.

Sgt. Scott Pastian