The weather has been less than summer-like lately and all those cloudy skies can put us in a funk. If the weather (or whatever) is getting you down, here are some natural anti-depressants to perk up your mood courtesy of Yahoo Shine:

  • B Vitamins -- We all should probably take a multi-vitamin everyday, but Vitamin B is one that's proven to improve mood (along with a whole host of other things) so if you take just one vitamin, make it B!
  • Essential Fats -- Things like fish oil and flaxseed have good stuff in them that help ward off depression.
  • Sunlight -- This one will be hard to find in Missoula today, but when the sun is shining, get out and soak it up for a bit. The sun has tons of vitamins that your body and brain need. Plus, natural sunlight (and some special artificial types) help combat Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD).
  • Exercise -- You don't have to kill yourself in the gym and be sore for a week to get the benefits of exercise. Just walking around the block or to the supermarket kicks up your Serotonin levels and helps kicks depression.
  • Dehydration -- This is my favorite and probably the easiest way to fight depression: drink a glass of water, better yet drink 8 glasses a day - and smile! :-D