107.5 Zoo FM decided to add an extra layer of fun to this semester's Greek Olympics by serving up some online challenges to prove whichUniversity of Montana chapter owns not only their campus, but also the Internet!

GRAND PRIZE: The best fraternities and sororities will once again get to hijack the 107.5 Zoo FM airwaves for an afternoon along with a massive pizza party alongside radio host Aaron Traylor and mixmaster (and UM Phi Delt alum) DJ Christian Jackson.

Here is this week's online challenge.

Each chapter must upload as many Instagram photos as they can

Make sure you use the following hashtags and set your photos to "public."

#UMalphaphi - #UMdeltagamma - #UMkappaalphatheta - #UMkappakappagamma - #UMkappasigma - #UMphidelt - #UMsigep - #UMsigmaalphaepsilon - #UMsigmachi - #UMsigmanu

The six chapters with the most Instagram photos will proceed to the next round. In round two, the staff at Zoo FM will pick a photo from each of the six chapter's Instagram submissions, and we will put them all on a ballot for everyone and anyone to vote on.

Photos should begin to appear below.