Men's Health recently ranked the smuttiest cities in America and among the obvious 'hot spots' like Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami sits the one Montana city.Billings, Montana is listed at number 62 on the list of America's porn capitals. Why is Billings so into smut? According to the article, the list was based on the number of DVDs purchased, rented, or streamed; adult entertainment stores; porn searches on Google; and household that subscribe to Cinemax. Wow! Thankfully, Missoula is somewhere in the middle of all this debauchery. If you browse through the list of the smuttiest and LEAST smuttiest cities, Missoula is no where to be found. Meaning we're not anti smut, but we're also not watching porn at work, home and on our phones. I'm guessing it's because we have the perfect blend of activities (other than watching porn) available in our little mountain town.