It is going to be a circus this weekend. People all flocking to the lakes and hills from everywhere. Whether they are traveling from out of state or simply locals taking a weekend trip. The campgrounds are full and the traffic getting out of town is a nightmare. It is the anxiety of trying to get out of town on holiday weekends that makes me not even want to go. It makes me want to just go back home, close my blinds, and play video games until Tuesday morning. It is mostly because people are rude. But, how rude are people in Montana, compared to other parts of the country?

The folks at Zippia are at it again, and crunching the data numbers to figure it out. They aimed to rank the rudest states in the US. The answers might surprise you.

According to Zippia, here is how they came up with the answers

To determined which states are the rudest, we looked at 4 areas:

Percent of rude drivers
Average tip
Amount of cursing to customer service agents
How rude the rest of the country finds the state
First we looked at the percentage of rude drivers (defined as drivers with failure to yield violations, failure to stop violations, improper backing, passing where prohibited, tailgating, street racing, and hit-and-runs on their record) according to Insurify. Here that honking? They think you’re a buffoon.

We then turned to the average tip in each state according to Square. Tipping is an unenforced social custom, failure to meet it is pretty rude.

In the end, Montana ranked higher in the study than you might think. We are known for being rather polite to people. We wave at each other while driving backroads. But, according to the study, we are cheap when it comes to tipping (16%) and we have some pretty crappy drivers. (2%). Thankfully this is enough to land us on the bottom half of the list. With Montana coming in at #33.

See the top 10 rudest states, as well as what states are the nicest.


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