We just got off the phone with Hostess Brands Inc. on Reserve Street and spoke with an unnamed employee who is saddened to report that there is an official shortage of Twinkies in the Missoula area.

"No shipments in the past two weeks, not a single truck delivery in the longest time. That's it." said an anonymous worker who worked at the Sweetheart Bakery. "We are officially done." 

This week Hostess bakers went on strike to protest a new contract which had been imposed in bankruptcy court. Management said they would liquidate the company if the bakers didn't return to work. On Friday morning, they made good on that threat.

The second location on Broadway is also confirming that this is the last day that their store will remain open. And when it comes to locating the final box of Twinkies in the region, they were of little help. "We are really not supposed to make any further comments."

Over to you: Have you had any luck finding our favorite vanilla filling friend? Did you manage to get your hands on some Twinkies before they ran out? Which Hostess cake will you miss the most?