Where can one find the least expensive drinks in Missoula? And how can you order a cheap drink anywhere in town? Here we offer up some money saving advice, and in return hope to receive your suggestions in order to save everyone the most money possible during a night out.

Seasoned drink servers have clever ways to get customers to open their wallets and put out more money -- from smiling while offering popular, high priced top-shelf items to advising the most expensive item to consume -- but the easiest way is to keep the drinker comfortable and content so that they will return to the establishment.

Here are a few ways to get an inexpensive quality drink:
  • Order wells
  • Be mindful of advice and suggestions
  • Prepare in advance for what you want before you order

Servers admit while helping a customer decide what to sip is a valuable asset to their role in any bar, there are plenty of options in which patrons can be guaranteed the finest service and save some dough on their tab.

Order Wells

This type of drink is crafted from generic house alcohol that the establishment has a generous supply of, example: gin and tonic. Unless you specifically request a different brand, servers will always pour from the house brand.

If wells are not your style, or still out of your price range, then opt for a draft beer. Beer is almost always the least expensive alcohol you can purchase.

Be mindful of advice and suggestions

Again, the bartender's job is to offer the best drink, and possibly the highest price. A good tactic for them, not so much of a great deal for the customer. Not to say that the bartender doesn't have your best interest in mind, but having extra money in your wallet does not necessarily benefit them.

Watch for up sells, and over priced suggestions. Never be afraid to ask what the price is of that particular drink before you plunk down your credit card.

Prepare in advance for what you want before you order

Always remember, if it's a popular drink and you see it often on the television, it will always cost you more. Someone has to pay for those celebrity endorsements! But it doesn't have to be you. It's easy to get sucked into the flashy marketing, but be mindful of that before you buy.

Choose what drink you want because of how it tastes, not by who else is drinking it, or who is trying to get you to buy it.

Over To You: Who has the cheapest drinks in missoula?

Now that we've given you some money saving advice, let's hear from you! Do you know of any place that offers drinks at a reasonable price? Do you have any other nuggets of wisdom that can help our readers put a little money back in their pocket?

Offer up your suggestions in the comment section below.

Oh and, P.S. Drink Responsibly!! Get yourself a designated driver.