When people in Missoula fire up their internet browsers it seems that they are always in search of the latest video games, this according to the latest local Google Insights report.

Here's a breakdown on the most searched terms in Missoula, MT over the last 12 months.

Web Search Interests
1. Fallout 4
2. Donald Trump
3. Fitbit
4. Uber (odd, considering that we don't even have this service here, yet)
5. OK Google (another odd one, likely because people are still trying to learn how to use the android voice commands)

Image Searches
2. Memes
3. Wallpaper
4. Love
5. LTumbler

News Searches
1. Donald Trump
2. Tom Brady
3. Paris
4. Hillary Clinton
5. Apple

Do any of these results surprise you? What do you search for on your computer during your free time? Share your searches and comments in the section below.