Well, it is my birthday month. That's RIGHT! I tend to celebrate my birthday for an entire month. Mostly due to the fact that my birthday month also takes place during my favorite time of year...Hunting season. It is part of my annual celebration to burn a decent chunk of vacation time and spend my days in the field. Traditionally I spend my birthday watching the sunrise and set, while out hunting big game. But, this year might be different. As I get older, adulting becomes more of an issue. This year might be one of the few ever in my life that I will be stuck in town on my birthday. So how do I make the most of it?

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What places in Missoula are the best places to visit on your birthday?

Granted most bartenders are happy to pour you a free shot on your birthday. In my case, I usually get a heaping helping of wild turkey. Even if I didn't order it. Mostly because my birthday falls so close to Thanksgiving. For some reason, it tastes better if it is free, so I don't complain.

Places like Katie O'Keefes and Feruqi's offer up the "Wheel of Destiny" which is simply a wheel with various shots or beer on them. Spin the wheel and accept your fate.

NOTE: I am not sure if it is a birthday freebie anymore, but the "Flaming Lamborgini" at Feruqi's is always a birthday favorite.

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What spots have the best birthday freebies?

Lots of local restaurants will hook you up with something on your birthday. But, sometimes you have to sign up for a rewards program to claim it. Places like Red Robin, Old Chicago, and Dennys will hook up a freebie if you sign up for a rewards program. Applebees is always happy to hook you up with a free dessert.

For many Missoulians, as MUST STOP for birthday dinner is at the Montana Club. Whatever your age is, they will mark that percentage off of your bill. Meaning I am well on my way to having a steep discount on a steak dinner. Jakers also offers up a similar deal.

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Take advantage of these deals on your birthday. You earned it for making another lap around the sun.

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