Summer is behind us, and football season is here. It is time to put down your margaritas, daiquiris and any other drink you can put an umbrella in. It is time to pack your cooler and tailgate with 12 ounces of happiness. When it comes to cracking open an ice cold beer, it isn't always about quality. Sometimes it is about quantity and the "get what you pay for taste." I'm talking about the budget priced beers, or as some people refer to the as "trashy beers."

Growing up, Dad was all about drinking trashy beers. The cooler at "huntin camp" was always packed with "animal beer." You know what I'm talking about. Schmidt Beer! A beer know for having trophy deer, elk and even ducks on their packaging. If Dad's pocket book was a little fatter, he would sometimes pony up and buy Rainier Beer. Which was the closest thing to a craft beer in the 80's. Don't even get me started on Old Milwaukee Beer.

Fast forward to TODAY, what is the beer you are going to find in Dad's "huntin camp cooler?" What beer are you most likely to see in the hands of someone who doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg to quench their thirst for a barley pop?

The folks at Workshopedia crunched the numbers to find out what is the most popular "trashy beer" in each state.

According to, here is how they came up with the results

To find out which trashy beers are chilling in coolers across the country, we turned to online search interest. We started with a list of 36 popular beers and recorded Google Trends search interest over the last 12 months for each of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. We determined clear winners for which beer each state searched for the most, the most popular beer overall, and how many states the most popular beers won in.

So, what is Montana's favorite "trashy beer?" Surprisingly enough, it is NOT Busch Lattes. It is actually no surprise to Missoulians that our favorite beer is actually the golden deliciousness that is an ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Find out what all the other 49 states are packing in their coolers here.


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