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Christmas is coming up, and you know what means? It's time to break out the Christmas movies!

Lots of families have traditions with certain movies every year - maybe they watch Elf, or Home Alone, or if you were hanging out with me for Christmas, probably Gremlins.

So, what's Missoula's favorite Christmas movie? Here's five you might want to stock up on as the season draws closer and closer.

1. A Christmas Story

You'll shoot your eye out, kid! There's a reason there's always a 24-hour marathon of this movie on Christmas Eve every year - it's great!


2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Maybe don't watch this one with super young kids around - but hey, lots of families make it a tradition to watch this every year, so what do I know?


3. It's a Wonderful Life

An all-time Christmas classic. Watch this with your family and then annoy them with your terrible Jimmy Stewart impression.


4. Muppet Christmas Carol

It's got Christmas, it's got Muppets, it's got Michael Caine - what else do you need in a movie?


5. Die Hard

The greatest Christmas movie of all time. Accept no substitutes.