There is no real clear takeaway from this research, but it is certainly a very curious bit of info...

According to analyzed Google research for 2014 in an effort to find what Montana state Googled more than any other state in the previous year, the National Rifle Association came up as the #1 most-searched topic.

But how our searched stack up against the rest of the states? Here are a few big things we noticed. . .

1.  Topical news pops up a lot.  California Googled "bitcoin" more than most . . . Nevada: "bitcoin price" . . . Oregon: "Ukraine" . . . New Hampshire: "net neutrality" . . . and in Virginia:"Boko Haram."

2.  No big surprise, "marijuana" had numerous searches in both Colorado and Alaska.

3. Many states searched in the form of questions. As an example, Wisconsin inquired with "What is Tinder?" more than most of us . . . Kentucky: "What is ALS?" . . . Tennessee: "Who is ISIS?" . . . and New York's is "What is a selfie?"

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