Everyone always seems to say Olive Garden, but in the past year we have seen quite a few restaurants pop up. I feel like the variety of food in Missoula is getting better, although I would still love a Sonic here. But what else do you think would make Missoula better? I know there are a few locations downtown that are going to implement a roof top patio for more outdoor eating and drinking which will be nice.

If I had to say one thing in particular I would say more things for kids to do. When I had my nephews in town earlier this summer I spent weeks trying to figure out what we were going to do. We did the kids museum and we went to The Hub, but after that I started running out of ideas other than walking around and seeing beautiful Missoula. I would love to see an amuzement park, although I am excited for the new Flying Squirrel to open. That is the new trampoline center coming here.

What business do you think Missoula still needs?


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Frenchtown!