It may not be the most ideal moment to talk about losing inches and burning calories....we will obviously be feeling guilty enough about that come January... however, at least two of the these new tips on losing weight are GREAT NEWS about your health.

1.  Hard to fathom, just WATCHING sports helps you losing weight.  It's clearly not QUITE as effective as actually playing sports . . . but your heart rate increases, and your blood flow and heart rate are similar to actually exercising.

2.  Dieting pretty much never works . . . so here's a smarter alternative.  A new study from Duke University found that instead of trying to cut calories and lose weight, it's way better for you to focus on just maintaining whatever you weigh now.

Researchers found that when people just focused on maintaining, they ate healthier long term and were less likely to give up on their plan . . . like almost everyone does on a diet.

3.  According to a new survey, 42% of women squeeze into jeans that are too tight . . . because they don't want to admit they have to move up to the next size.

More than half of women have a pair of jeans they can't fit into now, but they hang onto them hoping they'll fit one day.