It ends now.

No longer will Missoula be labeled something we are ashamed of. The movement has begun. Are you in?

These are the faces of people in Missoula who are ready to take their town back. The first brave few who have made a solemn public oath that they refuse to live in what is being t

outed as the "Rape Capital of America". These locals realize the value of living in a small community and yet are fully aware of the dark secrets that lurk around any corner, not just our city.

Missoulians are good people. The majority of us know when 'no' means 'no', we do not take advantage of the people around us to fulfill our fleeting and selfish desires, we don't dress in a certain way to 'get attention', and we most certainly are not alone. There are much more of us than you'd like for the others to believe.

I was born and raised in Missoula.

I refuse to live in "the Rape Capital of America".
I commend and respect terrified victims willing to face their attackers.
I refuse to believe how you dress, where you go, or your actions constitutes rape.
I refuse to be afraid to be alone in my hometown, at home or out and

I refuse to tolerate rape, child abuse, or domestic violence in my hometown.
I pledge to keep my children, my friends and family, and even strangers safe to the best of my ability.
I pledge to teach my sons to respect all people, especially women.
I pledge to take back the "Garden City".
WE are not alone.

-Yolanda Johnson

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