Returning for what seems to be quite the annual tradition for one of the most recognized music labels in the state, Wapikiya Records is back to blow the roof off the fairgrounds tent with their stage performances set conveniently close to the new and improved rides.

You seen the names of these artists on flyers and album covers all around the state, and now it's your chance to take in the sights and sounds of the annual fair, all the while supporting local performers on the free stage.

"Wapikiya Records is proud to be sponsoring the Western MT Fair Free Stage for the 5th consecutive year. Stop by the tent next to the midway and enjoy a variety of local talent for free!" said Roger Harmon, CEO.


The night time lineup is as follows:

Tuesday: Frodie and Eroque

Wednesday: Reg presents BAND IN MOTION - Frodie, Eroque, LRock

Thursday: B Mune, Boy Burns Bridge, Frodie and Eroque

Friday: SISTA SOUL & THE MEDICINE, Frodie and Eroque

Saturday: Traff the Wiz, Frodie, Eroque and DJ Brand One

Daytime acts are also featured. Stop by the tent (near the carnival rides ticket booth) to get the complete roster of events.