For the last 19 years, Duncan Brannan has been the nasal voice behind Chuck. E Cheese’s singing animatronic mouse mascot. (Yes, a restaurant chain has a rodent for a mascot, think about that for a moment.)

But all good things come to an end, and Brannan was saddened to learn that he was being replaced by a presumably younger and hipper voice actor as part of a “wholesale makeover” of Mr. Cheese.

The manner in which Brannan learned this, however, was fairly unfortunate. CEC, Inc., which owns the pizza chain, never told him he was being replaced. Rather, Brannan figured this out when he heard a promotional song called ‘Chuck’s Hot New Single’ and recognized that it was “clearly not my voice.”

Nevertheless, Brannan didn’t seem bitter.

Why CEC, Inc. chose to do this, or do it in this manner, one can only speculate and that is not my place,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “The fact is I am grateful for the time I have had to do this, to be ‘Chuck E.’ — grateful to God for the appointment and grateful to the people at CEC, Inc. for the opportunity”

Good luck to the new Chuck E. Hopefully his voice will be more soothing, and less likely to cause the parental brawling that has become endemic to the kid-oriented pizza parlors.