Dr. John Cech is the Deputy Commissioner for Two-Year and Community College Education for the Montana University System.

Cech was in Missoula last Wednesday for the public meeting at the UM Golf Course, where University officials attempted to share their vision about locating the proposed Missoula College at the current golf course site. Despite protests by various golfing and other community groups, Cech maintains his commitment to placing the College at the planned location.

Cech says the Commissioners office is always willing to hear from individual and groups with opposing views. In fact, included in the attached audio interview, Cech shares his office phone number and email address.

Several groups have vowed to lobby legislators during the upcoming session to deny funding for the Missoula College, unless UM officials agree to move the facility to another location, this sparing the golf course.

Dr. John Cech, Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education