The Grizzly breakfast burrito, long the cherished favorite of University of Montana students, has received national attention recently, in the Cooking Channel's "Bracket Battle; Best College Eats" competition, finishing in the final four.

Assistant Director of Residential Dining Mikee Cook-Collichio said the Griz breakfast burrito garnered such a following, that fans created its very own Facebook page. Once the Cooking Channel got wind of the student favorite, they asked for the recipe, and cooked it up it in their kitchen. Cook-Collichio said "they prepared the burrito and loved it, and we were in the Bracket Battle. So, we were able to compete against 31 other colleges for those top honors." In the final four, Cook-Collichio said "we were up against the Baylor Gut-Pack, a chili concoction, which eventually won the overall competition."

To celebrate the final four finish, "as a show of thanks to our students, faculty staff and our community, in the Cascade Country Store, home of the breakfast burrito, we're going to be serving half-price burritos all day long on Wednesday, April 10," Cook-Collichio said.

Cook-Collichio describes the ultimate Grizzly breakfast burrito. "We use our farm-to-college cage-free eggs from Wilcox family farms in Great Falls. We use Casa Pablos salsa, made right here in Missoula. Then, you're going to smother that in thick country gravy, throw some sausage, bacon and cheddar cheese on that. You're going to hit it with some hash browns, onions and green bell peppers, then wrap it all up in a soft flour tortilla, and you're good to go."

At half-price, the Grizzly breakfast burrito runs from $1.88 to $2.48 for the ultimate version. The Cascade Country Store is located in the University Center on the UM campus.

Assistant Director of Residential Dining Mikee Cook-Collichio