Montana's average gas price is up nearly 8 cents reaching $3.32 per gallon compared to $3.24 a week ago.

In contrast, the national average has seen a decrease over the past week of nearly 3 cents.

Still, Montana is in a particularly good position as it's citizens pay  38 cents per gallon less than the $3.70 nationwide average.

"We're virtually paying the same price today as we did a year ago when prices also averaged around $3.31," says Gas Buddy Petroleum Analyst Patrick Dehaan. "The biggest news this week is that prices in Bozeman and Billings both dropped under $3.00 per gallon. $2.82 in Billings, $2.88 in Bozeman and actually the Costco in Missoula, at $2.89 per gallon . . . so there's some great deals across the state."

Dehaan says the improving economy will likely keep prices in Montana high throughout the summer and that we could be looking at prices holding steady in the "mid-three dollar range."