Care for a little cockroach in your coffee? You may not have a choice.

Whenever you feel like enjoying a nice, steaming cup of java, remember very well could be ingesting tiny bits of the ground up post-apocalyptic survivors. 

According to a study found back in 2009, the FDA allows a small amount of insects and animal waste in packaged foods. And from the sounds of it, the cans of your pre-ground coffee are known to have some chopped up roaches in the mix.

A professor of biology from the University of Montana once explained that coffee in canisters are made out of large piles of beans that get infested with cockroaches, and since it's nearly impossible to rid them of your favorite drink, they usually end up going into the grinder with your coffee.

But don't worry too much, the little buggers should pose little to no health risk to coffee drinkers, unless you have a roach allergy.