We've (finally) made it to the Finals Round in the Online Greek Olympics. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube, these chapters on UM campus have proven that they are a savvy enough to handle any online challenge tossed their way!

As a reward, we have decided to allow two chapters the honors of hijacking the 107.5 Zoo FM airwaves for an afternoon, along with a massive pizza party alongside radio host Aaron Traylor and mix master (and UM Phi Delt alum) DJ Christian Jackson. Yup, instead of one we've gone ahead and chosen to allow two days of fun on the radio.

And...it...all...comes...down...to...TWO CLICKS.


That's right, the finals round is simply two clicks away from deciding the outcome of who has earned the official online bragging rights.

Below are the videos submitted from the YouTube round of our challenge. And now, it's all up for a vote to decide who wins the station takeover! Gather your friends and family, your classmates and even your professors. Get them to vote for their favorite YouTube video below. The two chapters with the most votes WINS!


So, let the voting begin!! Deadline: Friday, October 4th.

Alpha Phi

Phi Delta

Sigma Chi

Click below to vote! And again, there is no limit to the amount of times you can vote.

(Hint: refresh and vote again and again! Ok, more than two clicks...but if you really want to win.)