Unconfirmed reports of unidentified flying objects have been circulating the web featuring videos of evidence allegedly filmed in and around Montana state. Eye witnesses and camera-ready community members have been able to capture instances of flashing lights, giant orbs, and other strange occurrences above the Big Sky Country over the years, and today we have practically every video we could find all on one page.

In honor of Friday the 13th, we've compiled a list of UFO sightings in Missoula and all around the state of Montana. Hard to say if these are actually green men coming to probe us, but it sure is interesting to form our own theories. Grab you tin foil hat and enjoy...

Do you believe that these are actually aliens from another planets? Dust on a camera lens? Weather balloons? Do you have other UFO videos filmed in Montana that you'd like to share? Post your thoughts and links in the comment section below.

Happy Friday the 13th!