Thanks to Loyola Sacred Heart who has invited us to come to their school on November 10th to talk with them about distracted driving. Shannon Tripp from Loyola reached out to us and has been wonderful in helping us arrange a time and day to talk with the Loyola student body.

Our on air staff will be there to talk, and show a fun video/PSA remix with turn tables and light show. It’s a fun way to talk to the student body and get our message across at the same time. The presentation only takes about 1/2 hour and then we ask the student body to sign a pledge to no longer text and drive… when they do, they recieve a thumb band to wear as a reminder. They also sign a larger paper with the other students that will be hung at the H.S.

If 80% of the student body signs the pledge, we provide a FREE 3 hour dance!

So, if you would like to help support Loyla and this campaign please let us know. If you’re interested in having us attend your H.S. reach out. Also, here are some important drive safety tips to help stay focused behind the wheel.

  1. Decide to drive- consciously make a decision every time you get behind the wheel to make all other activities, passengers, and priorities secondary to driving.
  2. Pull over- simply stop the vehicle in a safe area for a minute- anytime there is a distraction that needs your attention.
  3. Manage distractions only when stopped- if your child is crying, your beverage spilled, or you have dropped something- just let it go until you can stop safely.
  4. Driving is not the time to apply makeup, groom, polish your nails, change your clothing ,read, surf the web, or text.
  5. Don’t dial a phone number on a hand-held cell phone, or send or read text messages while driving.
  6. If you choose to or need to use a hand-held phone, pull over.