Saying that I love pizza would be an understatement. I consider myself a pizza connoisseur. If a pizza place can make a delicious cheese pie, than you know all their pizzas are awesome. If the restaurant uses the best quality cheese and sauce, then you can bet the other ingredients they use are fresh. Here are my top five favorite Missoula pizza joints.

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    Bridge Pizza

    Two words – Higgins Bridge. This is my favorite Bridge Pizza combo. It comes with white sauce, red onion, crushed walnuts and gorgonzola cheese. You have to make sure you order it with roasted chicken too. Yummy! One time I accidently got the Orange Street combo (my fault), and even that was amazing. As far as the combos, those are the only two I have ever ordered from Bridge. I’m usually fully satisfied with just plain cheese or pepperoni. The best part about Bridge Pizza is that they always offer cheese or pepperoni and a random specialty combo on their individual slices menu. I know this is a blog about pizza, but they also have bomb pasta and soups. I really can’t say enough about Bridge Pizza. The Bridge is located at 600 S. Higgins.

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    Biga Pizza

    If you are looking for a truly unique pizza experience, hit up Biga Pizza. I can’t figure out how they even come up with some of the ingredients they use. In fact, some of the recipes have ingredients that I have never even heard of! Of course, I have tried both their cheese and pepperoni pizzasand they are both fabulous. My favorite combo thus far is the Prosciutto and Fig, which comes with prosciutto di Parma, mascarpone, black mission fig paste, toasted almonds, mozzarella, fresh herbs and herb infused olive oil. Another must-try is the sweet potato, bacon and maple chipotle, which uses local bacon, caramelized sweet potatoes, toasted hazelnuts, olive oil, and mozzarella, and is finished with a maple-chipotle drizzle. I am drooling just thinking about Biga Pizza. Surprisingly, even with all these unusual, quality ingredients, Biga still manages to keep their cost reasonable, with a large pie still costing less than $20. Biga Pizza is located at 241 West Main Street.

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    MacKenzie River Pizza Company

    Even thoughMacKenzie River has locations in Washington and Indiana, they are still a Montana-based company with their headquarters being located in Whitefish. According to their website, their “mission is to provide a distinctive dining experience in an atmosphere unique to Montana.” My favorite thing aboutMacKenzie River is their abundant choices. They offer a variety of crusts, including sourdough, natural grain, and their original in both thick and thin. Their most popular toppings are classic pepperoni, pesto, ricotta cheese and sundried-tomatos. Hands down, the pizza I most often order, is their Thai Pie, which has Thai peanut sauce, basil chicken, mandarin oranges, scallions, red peppers, peanuts, cilantro and mozzarella cheese. Boom! MacKenzie River Pizza Co. has two locations in Missoula. One is downtown at 137 West Front Street and their north Missoula location at 5210 Grant Creek Road.

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    Tower Pizza

    Ok, first of all, who DOESN’T love Tower Pizza? Basically, this place is a Missoulian staple. They have been around forever and have THE friendliest staff. I remember the first time I ate there the waitress had the patience to recite and describe all their specialty pizza combos. I have ordered something from all of the sections of their menu, but since I am writing about pizza, I will rave about their Buffalo Chicken Pizza. This pie seriously tastes just like a buffalo hot wing with mozzarella cheese, hot sauce, bleu cheese and tomatoes. The strange thing about this pizza, is that it does not automatically come with chicken (a warning is stated on the menu), so make sure to ask to add chicken. Of all the cheese pizzas in town, they have THE best, so check that one out sometime as well! Tower Pizza is located at 3000 Brooks Street.

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    With a saying like “Red Pies Over Montana,” how can this pizza joint NOT be scrumptious? Of all the pizza places I have raved about above, Zimorino’s definitely has the best prices. If you are a broke student, but still want a quality pie, this is your place! The crust is hand-tossed, and their white sauce is unbeatable. The first time I tried their pizza was last summer during Testicle Festival weekend. I was downtown at who knows what bar, and they were coming into all the bars and handing out FREE pizzas! It really was a good marketing move on their behalf, because I have since ordered from them numerous times. I had originally tasted their pepperoni pizza and loved it, so I was hesitant to try anything else they offered. That was until my roommate at the time told me I “had to try the Zootown.” I cannot even begin to describe this amazing pizza. In fact, you are just going to have to try this one for yourself. It has tomato sauce, meatballs, Italian sausage, cream cheese, roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese. Oh my lord. I think this is what I will have for supper tonight. Zimorino's is located at 1250 W. Broadway.