My staff told me I was crazy to even attempt to pick the Top 5 Best Missoula bands. I suppose they are somewhat correct in their thinking. I mean, after all, there are so many genres, so many different styles and so many bands!!! This is going be truly difficult, and possibly one of the more controversial articles I've ever attempted to put together.

But you know what? I love a challenge.. and even if it means that I have to span all styles of musical tastes (and let a few of my close and personal band mate friends down who didn't make the cut) to find the answer then dang it! I'm going to do it..

So how did I arrive at these conclusions and how was I able to pick Missoula's best? I took into consideration the following criteria:

-Name recognition

-Local awards won in the previous five years

-Fan attendance at local shows

-Youtube video views

Let's begin! Here, according to our painstaking research, are the 5 Best Bands in Missoula:

#5 Universal Choke Sign

This is without a doubt the truest form of metal that you will find in our countdown, let alone Missoula, Montana. The boys of UCS have performed at sold out shows including the Wilma Theater, and are constantly innovating to keep their sound fresh and their loyal fans happy.


#4 County Line

Since the early 90's County Line has proven itself to be a hot commodity in the local music scene. With downright rough and tumble Southern country influences it's no mystery why this band doesn't always whip their fans into a frenzy whenever they take to a local stage.


#3 Reverend Slanky

Inspired by the likes of James Brown, Grateful Dead and Stevie Wonder. With role models like these it's no wonder why Slanky is one of the most followed performing acts in our town.


#2 Secret Powers

Toss some 60's pop music in a bowl, mix in a little indie-rock, and a dash of Missoula hipster for some delightful seasoning and you've got yourself the number two most bestest band in Missoula.


#1 Tom Catmull

After walking away with the honors of "Best Local Band" for nearly every year since 2007 in the Missoula Independent and their shows are almost always packed with passionate followers, it's hard to deny that this band doesn't deserve to be in this list, let alone be crowned the best in the city. Period.

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